Race Around World Showcase

We are creatures of habit – we really like routine. OK, I really like routine – others tolerate me. Every Saturday morning we are available we go out to breakfast. The group size can vary but the majority of the time it is Walter, Kate, Calvin, Nora and I. After breakfast, Walter heads to the

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Hoop Dee Doo Revue at Fort Wilderness

We're doing the Hoop Dee Doo!

We finally did the Hoop Dee Doo. Kate & Calvin and Walter went with us; Kate and Calvin were the only ones who’d attended before. We all rode together with Walter acting as our chauffeur – because – wait for it – the Hoop Dee Doo

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I’m only here for the money?

OK – I know that Disney sells and sells and sells. The theme parks are close to being more sales areas than entertainment areas (not square footage but number of stores versus attractions). I suspect we all take little notice of this – it is the nature of the beast. Besides it appears that shopping

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More Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Photos

I had a couple more photos from this year’s festival to share. I hope you enjoy them…


Yes, that is the roof of the seating area outside the bakery at Norway Pavilion


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“Recycled” Topiary

I’d love to believe that Disney makes so much money that every year they can create all new topiary for the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Although they do make boatloads of money, most visitors/guests don’t visit every year. So Disney can easily recycle topiary and change locations without too many people really noticing or

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Sand Sculpture

In 2009 Nora and I flew down for a long weekend in May. This was the first year I recall seeing a sand sculpture at the Flower and Garden Festival. My recall is that the sculpture was to promote the Disney Nature series. In 2008 Disney had founded a new division to work on nature

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Cars 2 Topiary still on display

Calvin and I were at Epcot yesterday. Turns out the Cars 2 topiary is still on display. The signs about the cars representing each country are gone but the flags are still out. I neglected to say in my post that these are big flags. They are over 6 feet tall and maybe 10 feet

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Cars 2 Topiary

I already raved about the Minnie and Mickey Picnic topiary… The Cars 2 topiary had the potential to steal the show. Unfortunately for half the festival Mater was not on display. I happened to be at Epcot two days in a row and was there the day he appeared (April 21st). The delay was rumored

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Pooh Topiary

My memory is not that good but I recall Pooh topiary from past years. That said – I’m not easily finding old photos to prove it. The Pooh topiary occupied a large space where the dolphin display was last year. The display was ok but nothing spectacular. Here are some photos for your enjoyment if

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Butterfly House

For those of you who always enjoyed the butterfly house at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, 2011 brought a surprise. If you walked toward World Showcase from the fountain in Future World and turned left to find the butterfly house – you may have feared all was lost. Where the butterfly house had encircled the

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