Hiatus or Stoppage

It’s been a few months since we’ve put up any new posts here. Various reasons, most of them are common explanations from bloggers – non-blogging life taking up time and energy, just plain tired of it, etc…

We also found ourselves becoming VERY food oriented. There are loads of Disney Food Bloggers out there and

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Planning a multi day visit, Part II

We plan to do a dry run of the Magic Kingdom day for our upcoming multi day visit to Walt Disney World with friends who’ve never been…

Thought you might find our “dry run” notes interesting, items in italics are only maybe items. At present:

Thursday afternoon/evening = Epcot & dinner & fireworks Friday =

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Planning a visit to Disney World with others

Even before we became “Extra WDW Magic,” we were really into planning trips to Walt Disney World. Our first “REAL” visit to Walt Disney World (in other words, the first visit when we sort of kinda knew what to expect, 2002… it was also the first visit when we were somewhat responsible for someone else

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6LSNRS – Our Thanksgiving Message

Hello Everyone,

Our great friend Asta makes the technical part of this blog work. He also blogs (we’ll leave it up to him if he wants to link to his blog in the comments). If you happen to be involved in network management, you’ll want to know him. Asta owns a software company that does

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