6LSNRS – Our Thanksgiving Message

Hello Everyone,

Our great friend Asta makes the technical part of this blog work. He also blogs (we’ll leave it up to him if he wants to link to his blog in the comments). If you happen to be involved in network management, you’ll want to know him. Asta owns a software company that does the best network management software and it is FREE…

but… I digress…  back to what I want to say…

Asta blogs and he often writes in his blog “my three readers…” – I’ve never asked Asta, but I suspect this is an inside joke. Years ago, there was a radio show on WRDU and the hosts had the #1 Drive Time Radio Show, their attitude on-air was very tongue-in-cheek and they always referred to “our six listeners”. I suspect Asta picked up on this as we were all in college together when they were on the air.


The WRDU radio jockeys were serious about their 6-Listeners schtick. On Easter Sunday 1986, one of the DJs was working and he invited his listeners (who didn’t have anything else to do) to come to the studio for a pizza party. We called up and got in! We went, expecting staff and hundreds of people. But no…

We arrived at the studio and only saw 1 car, as I recall it was a Mazda and the license plate read “6LSNRS”! What we thought would be a huge party ended up being 6 listeners in Steve’s studio eating pizza and being very nervous on the air.

So, why do I tell this story? What does it have to do with our blog?

Today in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving Day, traditionally a day to reflect on the things and the people that each of us is thankful for. We’ve been blessed to meet people from many states and countries… and a lot of that is due to Walt Disney World being the vacation capital of the world.

We are so fortunate to do what we do. We explore things at Walt Disney World that 98% of the tourists will never do. We hope that by sharing our experiences, we can give people ideas for things to do  at Disney World that they never even guessed existed. … Or at the very least share dining experiences that aren’t burgers, chicken fingers, fries, or character meals.

When we look at our Google stats, we clearly have more than 6 readers. That being said, it’s not really about how many listeners / readers a blog has. It’s how much your efforts are appreciated by them.

So we want to thank our readers around the world. Thank you to our friends who comment (oddly, only about 6 comment on posts… no worries… we don’t often comment on the blogs and twitter that we read :)), if you don’t comment yet please think about doing so (we’re pretty friendly around here).

So all joking aside about 6-listeners (WRDU in the late 1980’s) or 3-readers (Asta), we’re thankful for the readers we have, we have more experiences to share with you and anyone who wants to comment or contribute… Just “Get In!”

Thank you,

Happy Thanksgiving,

and… “Get In!”

nick (& nora)

If you like what we do – share it.               If you don’t – keep it to yourself.

Wild Turkeys - 2

Wild Turkey at Fort Wilderness on Thanksgiving Day 2009

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