It’s time to say Good Bye

So, my last post was nearly 3 years ago. A lot has changed in that three years, for us personally and for Walt Disney World.

We’ll skip the personal stuff, because this isn’t a blog about us (really), it’s a blog about Extra Magic (for Adults) at Walt Disney World.

Over time, this blog became more about food and festivals than about behind the scenes tours etc…

Over time, Walt Disney World has lost a lot of what we considered “magical”…

Over time, the heat and humidity has become a real PITA…

Over time, we can no longer deny or ignore the impact that terrorism and violence has had on accessibility and freedom at Walt Disney World (or indeed the impacts on the world at large)…

We’ve decided to not renew our Annual Passes, because we RARELY go to the theme parks anymore. Also, we rarely go to the resorts to have a nice long walk and wander. We used to go to Disney Springs at least twice a week, now it’s more like once every two months and that’s nearly always when we have friends/family visiting the area.

Also, we’ve been looking at HOME more. HOME being where we grew up and where FAMILY is. In fact, during Hurricane Irma, we bought a condo back home.

We’re leaving Lake Buena Vista/Orlando and going HOME. At least for a while, we’ll continue to travel (a lot) and we plan to be snow-birds coming back to Florida for an extended period in the winter (we still aren’t fans of true cold weather).

So, this is it for Extra Walt Disney World Magic,

Good bye,


P.S. Maybe someday, the extra magic will return for us, but I’m thinking we’re going to find magic in other places, away from Walt Disney World


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