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In the last 18+ months, we’ve attracted a lot of followers on FlipBoard… Thank You!

Old Key West Holiday Ornaments 2013 - 05

Christmas ornament from Old Key West 2013

I’d like to point those following “Adults Exploring Disney World” to some of our other FlipBoard magazines… Two reasons (1) this magazine isn’t “active”… I haven’t added new content to it since July 2014 and (2) this particular magazine will “go private” (it will be removed from FlipBoard public areas) at the end of 2014. We really don’t want to lose FlipBoard Subscibers… so here are some other Disney World centric magazines you might like to subscribe to…

These are a few of our Disney World focused magazines…

Or, if you like, we have magazines that have nothing to do with Disney World… Check them out on FlipBoard, we’re known as “Adults Exploring Disney World” over there.


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