Hops & Barley Marketplace – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

This Food & Wine Tasting took place on November 6, 2014

Nick has been wanting to have the Beef Slider with Pimento Cheese since we saw the menus for Food and Wine. Today we finally had one.

Hops & Barley Marketplace 141106 - 1

Florida Grass-fed Beef Slider with Pimento Cheese

Hops & Barley Marketplace 141106 - 2

The burger definitely needed salt. It was under seasoned, bad move with a lean beef. But the burger was moist.

Hops & Barley Marketplace 141106 - 3

The pimento cheese seemed to us to be the same spicy pimento cheese found in the craft beer area. Not a bad thing at all. The bun was toasty and crunchy.

The chunks of raw onion were not to my liking – if I get raw onion on my burger or hotdog, I much prefer minced or finely chopped onion.

This is not a do-again for the two of us.

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