Dinner at bluezoo

with friends and few photos…

When we returned from our recent cruise, we wanted to continue the “vacation feeling” for the whole day — so, we made reservations for dinner at bluezoo and asked Calvin & Kate to join us. We contacted Chad (remember him from the Food & Wine Classic?) and asked if he

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Annual Passholder Calendar for 2012

In December, Disney World offered a special calendar to Annual Passholders – interestingly, you could only get it at Animal Kingdom at one specific location. Nick drove over and picked up one (nora was working as usual), and it will soon be going to a new home (hi Lisa!). The layout of the calendar is

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2011 Holidays and Wall-E Ornament

Due to a long awaited vacation in mid-December as well as trying to keep up with our other businesses we did not get to do Christmas at WDW. Normally we visit often in December and it helps us get in the holiday spirit. If you have never experienced the magic of the holidays at WDW

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