2011 Holidays and Wall-E Ornament

Due to a long awaited vacation in mid-December as well as trying to keep up with our other businesses we did not get to do Christmas at WDW. Normally we visit often in December and it helps us get in the holiday spirit. If you have never experienced the magic of the holidays at WDW you are missing so many things… Of course, never try to visit the week immediately before Christmas. And only the insane would visit between Christmas and New Year’s. This past week saw parks close every day, some as early as 11 as they reached full capacity. Traffic was at gridlock most days. It could take over an hour to get from Palm Parkway hotels to Downtown Disney.

At Downtown Disney you can shop for Disney Christmas items year round. However we rarely go in the store because sometimes the scents really get to my allergies. Around Thanksgiving though we had friends visiting who wanted to pick up a couple of ornaments. So after dinner one evening we walked over to the Christmas Shop at Downtown Disney.

We do not decorate for Christmas as we have WDW to wow us with all they do. However nora and I each found an ornament we liked – and strangely for us, we bought them. Nora picked up a simple ball that has the WDW 40th anniversary design on it. (Remember my quest for the iPhone 4 limited edition case with this design.) I found a Wall-E and Eva ornament.


However I bought this ornament to give as a gift (another custom we do not follow – so if you get a gift from us it is a rare occasion). The recipient called us to express how much she loved it which is why I picked it up – I knew she would really like it. And I like it so much that I wanted to share a photo along with these few notes about the holidays at WDW.

We hope to post much more during the 2012 holidays about all there is to see and do beyond the normal theme park day at Walt Disney World. Sorry we didn’t do anything for 2011 but we really needed a vacation and December just worked well for it in 2011.



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