lunch at Splitsville

This dining experience took place on October 19, 2014

We often stop in at Splitsville for a bite to eat and a leisurely drink. On this day, we ordered the Alfredo Roll (which we’ve had before) and Sashimi (which we’ve had numerous times, remember? Splitsville won our sashimi challenge earlier this year).

splitsville lunch 141019 - 1

The Alberto – no rice, just lean protein and veggies. Spicy tuna and avocado rolled in thinly sliced cucumber and served with lemon ponzu sauce!

splitsville lunch 141019 - 2

I asked for some sriracha … and we got it!

This is a tasty roll. It’s a little difficult to eat without the rice holding everything together. The lemon ponzu sauce is a real winner, this would be great with salmon sashimi.

splitsville lunch 141019 - 3

Salmon Sashimi & Tuna Sashimi

splitsville lunch 141019 - 4

the sashimi pieces are so large that we cut them with a knife and fork to make them last longer

splitsville lunch 141019 - 5

the salmon is excellent at Splitsville

This was an excellent lunch. In fact, we “cooked” up the idea of changing the Ahi Tuna Salad (here) by replacing the seared ahi tuna with salmon and the dressing with the lemon ponzu sauce. We haven’t tried it yet, but I have a feeling it’s in the future somewhere.

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