Fish & Chips at Splitsville

This dining experience took place on October 24, 2014

Adrienne had mentioned to Nick that the Fish & Chips at Splitsville have some real devotees. We’d never tried them, and one day we gave into our craving for fried carbs and ordered them to share.

Fish & Chips Splitsville 141025 - 1

Mahi Mahi tempura battered, served with fries, cole slaw and tartar sauce

This isn’t cheap Fish & Chips, the price is around $20 for this entree sized portion.

Fish & Chips Splitsville 141025 - 2

Mahi Mahi “fish sticks”

The fish was pretty good. Firm, non-fishy pieces of tempura fish. The amount of breading was good, not too heavy. Perfectly acceptable Fish & Chips… Definitely not English Fish & Chips though (go to Raglan Road if you want “traditional” fish & chips, and even their chips don’t come close to the chips we get in the Northeast of England).

Fish & Chips Splitsville 141025 - 3

Cole Slaw

The cole slaw and tartar sauce were surprisingly good. We’re cole slaw snobs (we like mine and everything else is second best or worst). Not too much mayo, no weird vegetables populating the slaw, and a good touch of acid. We ended up using some of the tartar sauce for our french fries (sorry, I can’t keep calling them chips)… it seemed to be pretty simple tartar sauce = mayo and pickles.

As I said, this was pretty good. But the calories aren’t worth it when we can get better Fish & Chips at Raglan Road Pub further along at Downtown Disney.

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