Hiatus or Stoppage

It’s been a few months since we’ve put up any new posts here. Various reasons, most of them are common explanations from bloggers – non-blogging life taking up time and energy, just plain tired of it, etc…

We also found ourselves becoming VERY food oriented. There are loads of Disney Food Bloggers out there and does the world really need another? It’s relatively easy to get material for writing about food at Walt Disney World – but at some point, making notes and taking photos all the time kinda takes the joy out of it all.

So, for now, we’re on hiatus from writing blog posts. If some sudden inspiration hits, we’ll put something up here.

I remain somewhat active on Twitter (@extrawdwmagic) and I continue to curate a number of magazines on FlipBoard (Adults Exploring Disney World):

  • Adults Extra Walt Disney World Magic
  • Food at Walt Disney World
  • Epcot Flower and Garden Festival from Adults Extra WDW Magic
  • Spice Road Table!!
  • Food & Drink Swan & Dolphin Resort Walt Disney World

Thank you for reading,


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