something new and something not new at Splitsville

This dining experience took place on October 26, 2014

We stopped in the other day at Splitsville and were hungry (walking 3+ miles will do that to you). We both wanted to avoid carbs (after our recent visits where we were a little less pleased with the french fries and the sandwiches). Even so, I went off the deep end and got the shrimp rice bowl.

Now, I have to say that when I’ve seen this coming out of the kitchen, it looked great! Loads of vegetables! Great aromas!

Asian Shrimp Bowl – Grilled shrimp, stir-fry veggies and sushi rice topped with spicy kimchee tatami sauce and green onions

Not what I saw when my bowl was delivered.

Two Salads at Splitsville 141025 - 1

I got shrimp and peppers

Two Salads at Splitsville 141025 - 2

I tried to pick out the green peppers, but there wasn’t much of anything else in the bowl

Nick got the Ahi Tuna Salad. Looked great. Tasted great. He was pleased.

Two Salads at Splitsville 141025 - 3

Ahi Tuna Salad – sushi grade tuna, seared and served over spring mix with avocado and Asian Pear dressing

Two Salads at Splitsville 141025 - 4

close-up of ahi tuna

The manager saw me picking out the peppers and came over. We explained that we thought there would be vegetables in here. After all, the items that come with a mix of red and green peppers say so. Anyway, he took away my pile of green peppers and my shrimp bowl and returned with one that contained vegetables. Much better! Still a lot of peppers, even some green ones, but they weren’t as overpowering.

Two Salads at Splitsville 141025 - 6

better Asian Shrimp Bowl

Two Salads at Splitsville 141025 - 7



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