Baja Chicken Sandwich at Splitsville

This lunch took place on October 16, 2014

We stopped in at Splitsville for an early lunch before heading to the Sake Pairing at Japan. We didn’t want to be stuffed or hungry, so we decided to split something (yes, there’s a pun in there somewhere).

grilled chicken sandwich splitsville 141016 - 1

Baja Chicken Sandwich – Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Jack Cheese and Pico de Gallo drizzled with Ranch Dressing on a toasted french roll

I was a bit surprised that the chicken was cut instead of being a whole breast, but I suppose it makes presentation easier and portion control easier for the kitchen. That said, the chicken was moist enough.

grilled chicken sandwich splitsville 141016 - 2

the roll was nicely crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside

The filling was moist and flavorful. I particularly liked the pico de gallo.

grilled chicken sandwich splitsville 141016 - 3

Baja Chicken Sandwich

While there’s nothing WRONG with this sandwich, in fact it has some good attributes, it isn’t likely to be something that we’re going to order again.

A word about the fries – for some crazy reason, we keep getting fries at Splitsville. They’re okay – crinkle fries with what seems to be a blend of salt, black pepper, and maybe just a tad of sugar (I detect something sweet on them) – they’re not wonderful though. Since we try to ration our carbs and fried foods to things that are really worth it, I think we’re going to do our best to avoid the fries in the future. (Don’t be surprised if you see them in photos in coming weeks, you may have notices that I get a bit behind sometimes and this was written well after the fact.)

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