Butterfly House

For those of you who always enjoyed the butterfly house at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, 2011 brought a surprise.  If you walked toward World Showcase from the fountain in Future World and turned left to find the butterfly house – you may have feared all was lost.  Where the butterfly house had encircled the walkway – it was open.  A straight walk past the new Pixie Hollow and on toward Test Track.  What happened?  No butterflies?

If you turned to go to the nearest stand to grab a festival guide you may have happily noticed that on the opposite side of the main walkway (behind Ice Station Cool) was a much larger enclosure.  If you didn’t notice, grabbing a guide would have quickly shown that the butterfly house had grown and become Bambi’s Butterfly House.  Well, not so much a house now but a large mesh tent.  Going inside it was held up with huge tent poles and the netting draped and hung.  I never asked a cast member but my estimate is that the tent was about four times the size of the old screened house.



Their were larger plants and all the usual flowers to attract the butterflies.  There were water features and more displays.  Each time I visited it was very crowded.  This proved that even with the much larger tent that the butterflies remain a very popular part of the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.  If you didn’t stop by in 2011 put it on your list for 2012!


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