Mickey and Minnie’s Picnic


Immediately behind Spaceship Earth was one of if not the best topiary at the 2011 Epcot Flower and Garden festival.  My photos will not do it justice.  Delphiniums stand up taller than the surrounding flowers which encircle the crew and their picnic blanket.  As I visited over the course of the festival the colors continually got better and the overall visual was excellent.  The lighting was tricky because of the palms in this area that cast shadows.  Therefore it was best experienced in person.

You’ll notice Pluto is holding a roll of twine and the string goes off shot to his…kite!


I wondered each time I saw this if Mickey was trying to bribe Pluto with the “Krunchies milk-bone” he has in his hand?  Regardless, Mickey never got the string and the kite was always stuck in the tree.  In the photo above you get another perspective of the height differences of the flowers…such a nice touch.



I chose a few more photos to try and give you a sense of how pretty this really was.  As I said though – it needed to be experienced in person.  Congratulations to the staff and imagineers who were responsible for this topiary.  For me it made up for the utter disappointment I had with the TS3 topiary at the entrance.  Enjoy!







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