I’m only here for the money?

OK – I know that Disney sells and sells and sells.  The theme parks are close to being more sales areas than entertainment areas (not square footage but number of stores versus attractions).  I suspect we all take little notice of this – it is the nature of the beast.  Besides it appears that shopping IS recreation for many people.  I don’t get it but there are many reasons we call ourselves frugal.

At the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this year, Disney used many topiaries as selling spaces for movies and dvds.  Take the Pooh display for example.


Or how about the Cars 2 display.  They couldn’t get Mater out until nearly half way through the festival but they could sell the premier of Cars 2 from day 1.


Disney Nature had to promote African Cats…oh wait, they were promoting the next film???


Ooh, ooh – a new version of Lion King is coming to DVD.


Why not set-up a kiosk at the topiary to pre-order everything with your room charge?  Wait – I might be giving them ideas for next year.  They even set-up a singing tower with hair falling out a window (not even a topiary) just to push the dvd release of Tangled.  They disassembled the tower at the end of the festival and fortunately took the sign out too.


OK – I feel better…a short rant is always nice.


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