Spice Road Table – Mogador Sampler v2

This dining experience took place on August 15, 2014

Mogador Sampler v2 #spiceroadtable 140815 - 1

Mogador Sampler

Mogador Sampler v2 #spiceroadtable 140815 - 2

Calamari (doesn’t come with spicy harissa sauce on the sampler, it comes with a creamy sauce)

Mogador Sampler v2 #spiceroadtable 140815 - 3

Mussels (yes, more mussels for us!)

Mogador Sampler v2 #spiceroadtable 140815 - 4

Codfish Croquettes with black olive tampanade tartar sauce (it’s an odd purple color but tastes great)

All of the items on the sampler are quite good. The codfish croquettes are not available excepting on the sampler and they’ve been quite tasty every time we’ve had them.

We do wish that the accompaniments on the samplers was the same as when you order the full-size versions.

Nick commented that getting the mogador sampler reinforced for him why the mussels are our go-to dish, they’re just perfect for us

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