bluezoo (for more lamb)

This dining experience took place on September 26, 2014

We continued on our quest for lamb at bluezoo. Nevie had never been, we started going to bluezoo a few years after her last visit. Again, most of the evening was spent just enjoying our dinner and the company – so no copious notes or tasting report.

bluezoo with Jenevia 140926 - 1

Our friend Kristi sent an arrangement of orchids to us, to bring extra smiles to our night out

Chef Jimmy sent out a new side dish that he’s contemplating for the fall menu – mushroom macaroni and cheese. This was very good and quite rich – very filling.

bluezoo with Jenevia 140926 - 2

Mushroom Macaroni & Cheese

We ordered two starters to share – the heirloom tomato salad and the beef short rib and scallops. Nevie liked both of these and as you know by now, these are our two favorites.

bluezoo with Jenevia 140926 - 3

bluezoo heirloom tomato salad

bluezoo with Jenevia 140926 - 4

hay smoked lamb loin with lamb belly – the presentation is more robust and rustic than previously… Nevie loved this dish

bluezoo with Jenevia 140926 - 5

Nick ordered the Opah with roasted potatoes and other vegetables – it was extremely rich, later we remembered that in the past we had opah crudo (not cooked opah)

bluezoo with Jenevia 140926 - 6

I ordered the simply fish, tonight’s choice was amber jack

The food was excellent, by this point in Nevie’s visit, we were becoming a bit over-food-ed… we couldn’t finish all on our plates, but we tried!

Thanks to Tony et al. for great service. Thank you to Chad and Gary also.

I think that Nevie will happily go back to bluezoo any time we want to go 🙂

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