Ireland Marketplace Booth – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

This not-so-much dining experience took place on October 29, 2014

We were at Epcot to attend the Wine Pairing at Spice Road Table; we were a bit hungry and there was still over an hour and a half before seating for the event – so we stopped to get an old favorite. … the seafood pie at Ireland. (I’m not going for a full-fledged review here)…

Ireland Marketplace 141029 - 1

doesn’t look as appetizing as usual

The portion seemed smaller to us. The potatoes were not Irish mash or English mash – frankly they tasted and looked like the instant potatoes my godmother used to make back in the late 1970s. Runny, colorless, and pretty danged tasteless too. The seafood was not obvious, Nick dug and dug and dug trying to find some… there were some little bits, but the only way I could tell they were seafood (protein) was because the texture was like eating rubber erasers… not good. Overall, there was a lot of SOUR in our portion. I only ate a few bites.

In all truth and honesty, this was just bad bad bad. So bad, that we don’t even want to give it another shot. Disappointing because we used to really look forward to the seafood pie – over the years, it’s become worse and worse. I think it’s time to retire this dish if it can’t be prepared decently.

The potatoes used to be piped on top and they had some real flavor and texture.

The sauce used to be creamy, cheesy, buttery – not sour (and it wasn’t lemony sour, it was just sour).

The seafood used to be tender, large enough to see, and flavorful.

Ireland Marketplace 141029 - 2

Kermit’s smiling, but he wasn’t impressed either

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