Spice Road Table – Tingis Sampler v2

This experience took place on Saturday, April 12, 2014

There are three items on the Tingis Sampler…

The Lamb Slider: it was smaller today than on our first Tingis Sampler; it wasn’t very “meatball shaped” (i.e. it wasn’t round), the shape was more like it had been cut off of a round loaf; the flavor was better, it tasted “lamb-y”; our biggest complaint was that it was too cool and somewhat dry (as if overcooked and left to sit for a bit)… This isn’t one of our favorite dishes.

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Lamb Slider with Olive Salad

The red wine paired with the lamb sausage worked really well, quite smooth. The sausage is not fatty or overly gamey. We really like it, it has a mild spiciness that we enjoy and a very meaty texture.

#spiceroadtable #tingissampler 12APR2014 - 2

Moroccan Lamb Sausage (a.k.a. Merguez Sausage) with Tomato Salad

The chicken harissa roll is a bit of surprise. We both really like it! And although we agree that it’s a lot like a southwest egg roll found in many chain restaurants – this is better because of the execution. It could also be that the flavor and texture remind us of college food (sentimental value).

#spiceroadtable #tingissampler 12APR2014 - 3

Chicken Harissa Roll with Harissa Ketchup

Review of the wine pairings:

  • Angora Beyaz White (paired with the chicken harissa roll) – served very cold, I sort of liked it without food; nick thought that it was better with the olive salad; we both enjoyed the pairing with the chicken harissa roll
  • Guerrouane Rouge (paired with the lamb sausage) – I thought it was good with the lamb slider and the olives; nick thought it was quite good with the lamb slider

While this sampler isn’t something that we’re likely to order frequently on our own, it’s a good option for people who want to try a number of different items.

Again, we’re overall pleased with Spice Road Table.

Quote from Nick “When I come here, I just want to sit and eat and drink everything. The food’s good and the beer and wines pair so well.”

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