Bluezoo Lounge on Friday night (again)

This dining experience took place on August 29, 2014

I didn’t take a lot of notes this evening, it was another Friday night at bluezoo… Chad brought out a new cocktail that he’s testing/creating. He asked us to guess what was in it… we got as far as bitters or campari.

It has orange peel, wormwood bitters, Lillet, St George Terroir Gin, simple syrup, and aperol. So we weren’t horrifically off.

New cocktail from Chad … it's in the testing phase, it's a little bitter

New cocktail from Chad … it’s in the testing phase, it’s a little bitter

Chef Jimmy brought us out an amuse bouche – opa crudo (opa is a fish from Portugal, not often served at bluezoo) with burnt miso…

We both thought this was excellent. Not sure if it was the opa itself or the excellent pairing with the burnt black miso. You could put that burnt miso on anything and it would be amazingly good. The opa was so delicious and buttery…

opa crudo with burnt miso

opa crudo with burnt miso – edible flowers, blueberries, lime zest, black cherry gel

Our next tasting was 171-day dry aged beef, this was lovely. Very tender and flavorful.

171 day dry aged beef

171 day dry aged beef, yuzu marinated mushrooms, carrot puree, fried garlic threads, fresh english peas

Then we had the best octopus ever (this was the first time we had it – it became the pasta dish for Magical Dining Month)… Octopus Bologanese

octopus sous vide and grilled with spring garlic marinara pasta and a grilled lemon

octopus sous vide and grilled with spring garlic marinara pasta and a grilled lemon

We’ll be getting this one again! (Keep watching and you’ll see it repeatedly!)

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