Extra! Extra! Read All About It! – June 30, 2013

Monster's University Opening day at Downtown Disney - Sulley is brought out of his crate - 3


It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. Travel and life and work got in the way… Well, they’re still in the way.

I really want to encourage everyone to check out FlipBoard and look for us!

If you haven’t gone over to FlipBoard and signed up for an account, why not? It’s particularly good for two reasons… (1) following @extrawdwmagic on twitter (or anyone else you follow on twitter) and (2) we put more articles into our weekly magazines than we do here on our Sunday Round-up (you can get the app for your iPhone and/or your iPad here) where we’re “Adults Exploring Disney World” or “Adults Extra Walt Disney World Magic” and on twitter where we’re @extrawdwmagic

The folks at FlipBoard have been making some changes and upgrades and it’s even easier for us to put everything in a nice neat “ExtraWDWMagic” package…

So please, in the interest of reading some good things and in the interest of helping my poor aching hands (too much time at the computer doing work!), check out FlipBoard. There’s a new issue for today… Adults Extra Walt Disney World Magic – 13.06.30.


Nora (& Nick)

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