South Korea Booth – Mung Bean Pancake with Shrimp and Kimchi Sauce – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2012

Mung Bean Pancake

Mung Bean Pancake with Shrimp and Kimchi Sauce

After seeing this on Eating WDW, nora was determined to have this (also, we’ve been pleased with offerings from the South Korea booth in the past: Boolgogi BBQ Beef and Lettuce Wrap).

The sauce didn’t seem to be “kimchi” at all, it was more like a sirachi sauce diluted with ketchup. It had a little kick, but not at all what we’ve come to expect from “kimchi.” (just for fun, here’s a recipe for kimchi from one of nora’s favorite food bloggers, David Lebovitz).

The pancake portion was slightly sweet, very light and fluffy.

The shrimp were plentiful and not overcooked.

All together, it was quite tasty…

On our scale of 1-10 (1=never ever again and 10=gotta have this 2 or 3 more times) – nora gives it a 7 and nick gives it a 6, overall 6.5 out of 10… might eat it again

Yummmm, shrimp



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