Eat to the Beat Concert – The Orchestra with former members of ELO




We’ve been intending to attend more Eat to the Beat concerts this year – last year we had quite a few on our planning calendar, but made it to ONE (Kool & The Gang)… given our schedule of culinary demonstrations, we were able to stop in and see The Orchestra recently. Nora was anxious to see them because she listened to ELO a lot in high school and college (filling out college applications, studying for calculus exams, and writing her dissertation).


The weather was absolutely fabulous, what we dreamed about before we moved to Florida. It was not so chilly that we needed our jackets, not too windy, and definitely not hot and humid… perfect for watching a concert. We know to get to the venue a bit early if you actually want a seat, there was “mood music” playing over the speakers, mostly stuff from the 1980’s and 1990’s… high school and college music for us. There was a good crowd early on and it just grew larger and larger, eventually it was SRO along the sides and the back. The audience was a bit grey – as in age – nick says there were a lot in the over 50 crowd.



The band played for a little less than 30 minutes, some of the songs we expected to hear weren’t included… maybe they don’t have copyrights to perform them or there’s some other legal reason… We really enjoyed it, nora was hoarse the next morning from singing and our ears rang for a while after we left (the mix was more like a rock concert than the few other times we’ve been to the American Garden Theater).



The set they played was only seven songs:

  • Evil Woman
  • Sweet Talkin’ Woman
  • Hold on Tight (note: mix on this song was particularly bad)
  • Strange Magic
  • Telephone Line (joke: this song predates cellphones)
  • Do You Want My Love
  • Don’t Bring Me Down (note: needed to tighten up on this song, a bit off/sloppy)
The band didn’t “talk” to us much. No song introductions and no band member introductions – a bit disappointing. Plus the show was a bit short for the time they had available. That said, it was fun and the last song the audience got to sing along, even if they didn’t too well! If you are at Food & Wine do take time to stop by and hear some of the bands, it might just bring back “younger” memories…

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