Spice Road Table for more lamb!

This dining experience took place on September 26, 2014

If you remember Nevie’s lamb story (here), you’ll understand why Nick tried to think of all the places we could easily get lamb during her visit (other than the marketplace booths during Food & Wine, we hit those up early in the visit). Of course, Spice Road Table was on the list! And since it’s one of our most favorite places at Walt Disney World, of course we made it fit into the schedule.*

Our first course was the hummus and olives. Although Nevie isn’t a huge fan of olives, she liked the tomato salad under the olives (so did we, this was a different presentation than usual) and she liked the warm pita and cool hummus.

spice road table with JMD 140926a - 1

tomato hummus, olive salad, and traditional garlic hummus

spice road table with JMD 140926 - 4

I started with a glass of the Marques de Caceres Rose – always a good choice on a hot day… Nevie’s photo is better than mine!

spice road table with JMD 140926a - 2

I had to get a photo of the olives and tomato salad – although we missed the abundance of olives that we usually see, the tomato salad was a nice touch in the Florida heat

It took some talking, but we managed to get Nevie a wine flight that isn’t on the menu… But it should be… These are the three wines paired with the items on the Tingis Sampler (we suggested to Abdou that they create two more wine flights to go specifically with the two samplers they offer).

spice road table with JMD 140926 - 3

Angora Beyaz White (Turkey), Tsantali Nemea Rouge (Greece), and Guerrouane Rouge (Morocco)

The white was good after it warmed up a bit (even though Nevie doesn’t like whites as much as reds). The Geurrouane Rouge was quite good on its own. But her favorite was the Nemea Rouge.

spice road table with JMD 140926 - 2

Tingis Sampler with Wines

Nevie enjoyed all of the items on the Tingis Sampler, she especially liked the merguez (lamb) sausage and the Nemea Rouge wine (paired with the lamb slider)… However, I think she’d gladly eat all of these again!

spice road table with JMD 140926 - 1

Mussels Tangine (of course)

Of course, we ordered the mussels… by the time we finished eating them, all three of us had yellow-saffron-stained fingers and happy tummies.

I suspect that going to Spice Road Table is going to be a do-again on future visits for Nevie!

Nevie comments: I have to start off by saying Nick and Nora are celebrities here! They know everyone and everyone loves them (who wouldn’t). Almost every time we visit Epcot and walked by someone from Spice Road Table would wave, run us down to talk or give hugs! What a great atmosphere! We went in one day for a snack and drinks (of course drinks!). We were sat at Nick and Nora’s favorite table and given a chance to look over the menu. We decided to share a few different items since we weren’t too hungry. We started with the hummus and imported olives. I am not a huge fan of olives but with the hummus was actually good. The Za’atar flat bread was very good! Next, I got the Tingis sampler (lamb slider, harissa chicken roll and Moroccan lamb sausage) but I wanted to try the wine that paired with each one. The only problem was they only have red and white wine flights, no flights that are a mix of reds and whites. So we made our own wine flight so I could have the wine that went with each part of the dish. The lamb slider was paired with Tsantali Nemea Rouge and was my favorite wine of the three! The Harissa chicken roll was paired with Angora Beyaz white, which to my surprise I liked. I am not a huge fan of white since they tend to be very sweet but this one was not overly sweet and went very well with the roll. The Moroccan lamb sausage was paired with Guerrouane rouge which was also very good. The sausage had the right amount of kick to it and went great with the wine. Lastly we shared the Mussels tagine extra extra spicy please! These were amazing! The spice was hot, but had great flavor and the mussels were tender and prepared properly. Between the atmosphere and the great food this place is one of the top places on my list! I can’t wait to go back again!

* speaking of lamb… Nevie is coming back to visit us in November… We’ve already planned to eat at several places where lamb is readily available: Spice Road Table, Sanaa, The Wave, and Hollywood Brown Derby – three of these will be repeats for her, but the whole of Walt Disney World is going to be new for her boyfriend (he’s coming too!)

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