Spice Road Table – new menu items and an old favorite

This dining experience took place on August 11 & 15, 2014

We had been away from Orlando for a while this past summer and so it had been two months (Oh My!) since we’d been to Spice Road Table. There were two new items on the menu – we had the Greek Salad immediately and then returned a few days later for the Brie Fondue.

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 01

portion of Spice Road Table menu in early August 2014 – the two new items are on the bottom of the menu, along with their wine pairings

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 02

just in case you’ve forgotten the details about Queen of Hearts White and the Martin Codax Albarino (a.k.a. Codax White on the menu)

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 03

Sparkling Wines (that’s fizz to our English readers) – they’re available by the bottle (we assume because it would lose it’s fizz if not drunk fast enough)

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 04

Here is a full list of the reds… Geurroune Rouge is one of my favorites (our niece discovered that she really likes the Tsantali Nemea Rouge)

On August 11th, we had a new server… Ismail. Yassine stayed nearby as we were new to Ismail. When we received the greek salad, we were so impressed. Yassine told us that he talked to the chefs and asked them to make us something really good because we’d been away for so long.

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 06

Simply Delicious – Greek Salad simple and delicious

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 07

the dressing was olive oil, lemon juice, and select herbs & spices – just right; the olive oil was quite flavorful and the full fat feta cheese (we usually eat the low fat or fat free versions) was very intense and delightful

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 08

all of the vegetables were just right (especially the cool crispy cucumber) and the olives were excellent of course

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 09

Nick had a Casa Beer… they’ve been absent from the Morocco Pavilion for a while now (all the way back to the Flower and Garden Festival)

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 10

light carbonation, not bad… but it isn’t going to replace Estrella Damm as our favorite

We were going for spicy mussels (yes, extra garlic and dried chiles for us) – I wanted the Ksar White with the mussels, but they were out, so I went with the Martin Codax Albarino. I thought the wine has a nice and softly sweet nose, but the flavor was sour (this is becoming a trend for me). Nick thought it smelled wonderful and it tasted okay without food.

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 11

Mussels Tangine – extra spicy – these smelled GREAT…

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 12

look at all that garlic and those chiles! Yum!

Another visit to #spiceroadtable 140811 - 13

there were fewer mussels than usual, but these were much larger than the ones we’d been having back in the spring

This continues to be one of our favorites. We love the seasonings and the condiments. Again, time after time, we’re glad that we get these to share.

It’s not just the mussels, it’s the saffron broth, the olive oil, the peppers, the tomatoes, the lemon confit, and the chermoula. Okay, now I’m drooling!

The second new item is brie fondue – so we were expecting runny cheese and little rosemary crackers. Instead, you receive a small wheel of brie cheese that has been scored and fried … it comes topped with lemon zest, fig jam, and slivered almonds… with a little touch of rosemary.

Baked Brie #spiceroadtable 140815 - 2

brie fondue at Spice Road Table

Baked Brie #spiceroadtable 140815 - 1

rosemary toasts accompany it, they’re slices of baguette with a small bit of rosemary and olive oil

We ordered another glass of the Martin Codax Albarino to share. Our server on this visit was Abderrazzak (I had to stare to get the spelling right). We’ve seen him in Spice Road Table nearly every visit, but this was the first time he served us. Abdou told us that the Albarino was great with the cheese because it cuts the richness – as we say, trust the pairing (especially if it’s coming from Abdou). We both liked the pairing a lot – the wine had a good degree of acidity.

This dish was very good, the servers and Abdou all recommended it to us – rightfully so, it was delicious and they’re right to be proud of this addition to the menu.

We aren’t likely to get the brie on a regular basis (calories and although we love cheese just for it’s own sake, we tend to not eat it very often).

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