Special Treats at The Dolphin Resort – Shula’s and Bluezoo

A Friday night at the Dolphin Resort (again)… August 8, 2014

After a short stop at bluezoo lounge to catch up with what has been going on this summer, we went up to Shula’s Steakhouse lounge to have some steak tartare and a cocktail. Nick had spent some time at bluezoo lounge by himself while I was upstairs getting my haircut (it wasn’t a good haircut, in fact, it was so bad that I waited until we went back to NC in mid-September to get Nick’s cousin to cut my hair – yep, 10 hour drive and one of my goals was a decent haircut) and Chef Jimmy came out to say “hello”… he told Nick that he had some amber jack in the back and then asked if we’d like some; Nick wondered if Chef Jimmy could make us a couple of fish tacos to enjoy when we got back from Shula’s… luckily, it wasn’t very busy and Chef Jimmy said he’d see what he could do.

Ariel greeted up with loads of smiles when we got upstairs to Shula’s and we started with a couple of delicious cocktails (mine was a served a bit overfull and I managed to spill some on myself, at least I smelled really good!) and soon had our steak tartare. It wasn’t as flavorful as the two previous times we had it, but nonetheless, we enjoyed eating it and talking to the various people we met (hello Carol!). Joseph heard that we were visiting and that it was Nick’s birthday – before we could say Jack Robinson, Joseph brought out that delicious almond toffee bowl with loads of fresh berries and scoop of ice cream! Of course, he wrote Happy Birthday Mr “extrawdwmagic” on it 🙂 It’s so nice to know so many of the restaurant staff at the Swan and the Dolphin and to feel such genuine affection from them and towards them.

Surprise Dessert at Shula's Steakhouse 140808

Surprise Dessert at Shula’s

Uh oh! Now we’re full and we still have fish tacos (hopefully) to go…

The fish tacos that Chef Jimmy created from the amber jack were a home run! They were accompanied by a cilantro cream, a siracha cream, and a guacamole with roasted corn and lime. The guacamole was a particular hit! The fish tacos were an excellent combination of citrus and crunch and smoothness and mild fishiness and faint herby-nesss.

These were made on the spur of the moment and were truly delightful. The only thing we’d change, and it’s a matter of personal taste, would be to use flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas. That’s a really minor point! From our perspective, we’d love to see something like this on the bar menu at bluezoo lounge.

Fish Tacos specially from Chef Jimmy 140808 - 1

Surprise fish tacos at Bluezoo by Chef Jimmy Reyes

The fish was nicely grilled, there was a pico de gallo that was very tasty. Some cilantro cream adorned the sides of the plate. And the most surprising thing for us was the guacamole made with roasted corn kernels.

Fish Tacos specially from Chef Jimmy 140808 - 2

these were really delicious, we suggest they go on the bar menu at bluezoo lounge

Thank you everyone! We hadn’t wanted to do anything really special for Nick’s birthday… but our friends made it a nice evening with special touches.

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