Quick Take – Mandara Spa

I recently went back to the Mandara Spa at the Dolphin Resort for a hair cut. I had a different stylist this time and for probably the second time in my life, I walked out feeling great about a hair cut (I’ll definitely be going back to see her again!).

Anyway, there are two waiting areas at Mandara. One is called the Tea Room and I’ve waited there before (before massages and such). The other is just the Meditation Room – since I was the only one in there, I took some photos with my iPhone – sorry for the quality, but I thought you’d like to see too…

Friday Mandara Spa & Whiskey Sour #bluezoolounge - 1

This is the top of the bench seating… the carvings are beautiful

Friday Mandara Spa & Whiskey Sour #bluezoolounge - 3

A better view of the “temple” – notice the juice on the little table (that comes from Fresh Mediterranean Market a.k.a. restaurant)

Friday Mandara Spa & Whiskey Sour #bluezoolounge - 2

the bench seating in here was much more comfortable than in the Tea Room

Friday Mandara Spa & Whiskey Sour #bluezoolounge - 4

there is a lovely balcony that looks out over the causeway between the Dolphin and the Swan

After my hair cut, I met up with Nick at the bluezoo lounge (of course!) – Paul made me a whiskey sour … My mom used to drink these but she used a mix called Brass Monkey… Paul’s version is excellent! Whiskey, lemon, a little bit of agave, shaken with ice… yum yum.

Whiskey Sour at bluezoo lounge!

Whiskey Sour at bluezoo lounge!

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