Turkey BLT Salad – Splitsville, Downtown Disney

This experience took place on Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Turkey BLT Salad at Splitsville wasn’t a bad salad, but it wasn’t a great salad.

#splitsville Turkey BLT Salad 08MAY2014 - 1

There was lots of roasted turkey, moist and flavorful.

The iceberg and romaine lettuces were fresh and crispy.

#splitsville Turkey BLT Salad 08MAY2014 - 2

The blue cheese didn’t have a very strong flavor (a bit of a minus).

There was very little avocado (maybe because of the current avocado shortage?).

#splitsville Turkey BLT Salad 08MAY2014 - 3

The chopped tomato added some moisture but not a lot of flavor.

The bacon was plentiful, if a bit greasy.

#splitsville Turkey BLT Salad 08MAY2014 - 4

Not bad. Not great. Maybe the components were lacking in strong flavors and that was the problem… I’m pretty certain that we won’t be ordering this again anytime soon.

P.S. we didn’t need the blue cheese dressing, there was enough moisture without adding it

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