Spice Road Table – Stuffed Grape Leaves v2

this experience took place on Sunday, May 4, 2014

On Latifa’s suggestion, we ordered the Stuffed Grape Leaves with extra capers and raisins…

These were so much better. The fried capers were a wonderful new taste experience (now we want fried capers on EVERYTHING). The pine nuts added a little bit of crunch to an otherwise soft dish. Overall, these were so much more flavorful than the first time we had them.

I ordered a glass of the Amizgh Red (described as “deep purple with jammy black current flavors”) from Morocco…  The nose was fruity with soft tannins and the taste without food was dry, but a lot of dark fruit in the background. It paired very well with the amped up stuffed grape leaves.

While these aren’t likely to ever make our must-do list, they were tasty!

#spiceroadtable Stuffed Grape Leaves 04MAY2014 - 1

stuffed grape leaves with extra condiments

#spiceroadtable Stuffed Grape Leaves 04MAY2014 - 2

extra fried capers – these are amazingly delicious

#spiceroadtable Stuffed Grape Leaves 04MAY2014 - 3

so much better



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