bluezoo with Kristi J

This dining experience took place on September 19, 2014

Our friend Kristi J was in town recently, we returned to bluezoo lounge en masse and tried a few new things!

Chef Jimmy Reyes brought out an amuse bouche for us – this is his take on Thanksgiving dinner… The three of us agreed that this should be very popular on the bluezoo autumn/winter menu – we truly enjoyed it. We were all particularly taken with the maple cranberry – sweet and tart.

bluezoo 140919 - 1

Chicken Roulade with maple cranberry sauce and pureed celery root with chestnut chip – yummy

Kristi has never had the #burgerchangeslife… So we suggested ordering one and splitting it. She got half the burger, I got the other half, and nick had the parmesan truffle fries.

bluezoo 140919 - 2

the BZ burger, if you haven’t had it… go get it

You already know, if you read this blog and follow us on twitter, the special for Magical Dining Month at bluezoo was sous vide grilled octopus with pasta. We each had a half portion… Yes, it was delicious and yes, we were full afterwards.

bluezoo 140919 - 3

sous vide octopus with pasta marinera

Thank you Kristi for going to bluezoo with us again! Glad that a good time was had by all.

Thank you bluezoo for another lovely Friday evening.

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