Spice Road Table – Mussels Tangine (again)

This dining experience took place on Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lunch today was simple… Mussels Tagine.

We had a new-to-us server, Latifa, she’s been in America for over 3.5 years and came over to Spice Road Table from Restaurant Marrakesh. She was quite attentive and we had a lovely visit to Spice Road Table.

I ordered a glass of Marques de Caceres Santinella (a favorite white of mine that I discovered during 2013 Epcot Food & Wine Festival). Nick had an Estrella Damm.

#spiceroadtable mussels tagine 19APR2014 - 1

We’re really enjoying the mussels tagine, there were 22 in our bowl today

#spiceroadtable mussels tagine 19APR2014 - 2

the garlic was abundant and the lemon confit was very noticeable (we found a chunk of preserved lemon, yum!)

#spiceroadtable mussels tagine 19APR2014 - 3

these are really delightful!

The preserved lemon was excellent with the Santinella

#spiceroadtable mussels tagine 19APR2014 - 4

the mussels are also a good value at $10

#spiceroadtable mussels tagine 19APR2014 - 5

ahhh, more preserved lemon!

Latifa had a few menu suggestions that we hope to try in the future…

  • The lamb slider can be ordered medium or medium rare without the bun
  • To make the stuffed grape leaves tastier – ask for extra capers, raisins and nutmeg

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