bluezoo just because it’s Friday night

This dining experience took place on September 5, 2014

today, I’m just going to talk about the food…

Amuse Bouche from Chef Jimmy Reyes

This was a perfectly poached quail egg with umberco ham (hope I spelled that right) and cauliflower puree… It was like a perfect little bitty breakfast. The nasturtium leaf was a slightly spicy accompaniment.

bluezoo dinner in lounge 140905 - 1

teeny tiny breakfast amuse bouche

Crab Nachos

A long time favorite for us and for some of our friends, we ordered a half order of crab nachos. These are consistently delicious and rarely disappoint. Only problem we have, even a half order is a lot of crab nachos for the two of us. If you haven’t tried them, they are made with real crab (not surimi), the beans are nicely cooked and spice, and the avocado creme is delicious.

bluezoo dinner in lounge 140905 - 3

Crab Nachos… no need to say more

It’s Magical Dining Month – so we get the sous vide octopus with pasta. If you missed it, sorry. If you get to bluezoo and they have anything with sous vide octopus, order it.

bluezoo dinner in lounge 140905 - 6

the octopus was very tender and tasty with slightly charred bits adding extra flavor

bluezoo dinner in lounge 140905 - 7

there isn’t a lot of cheese on this dish, good thing, it would hide some of the other flavors

bluezoo dinner in lounge 140905 - 8

the pasta is made in house and the light tomato sauce was a hit with both of us

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