Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2014 – Flower Power Concert Series… The Orchestra (ELO)

Last Sunday afternoon, we went over to Epcot with the express purpose to attend the Flower Power Concerts… Because, The Orchestra were playing (Former Members of ELO)…

We were actually able to get some photos, and true to what we learned in high school from friends who were in rock and roll bands, the bass player was the most flamboyant and attention getting (not in a bad way at all).

please excuse photo quality, it isn’t easy to get decent photos using an iPhone in American Gardens Theater…

The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 1 The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 2 The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 3 The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 4 The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 5 The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 6 The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 7 The Orchestra #flowerpowerconcert #epcotflowerandgardenfest 23MAR2014 - 8


Nick took notes during each of the three sets, when we got home (nearly 10 o’clock, late for us to be out <ha ha ha>), we sat with our iPads trying to figure out which songs they’d played… Why do I tell you this? Because they didn’t just play the songs that were most popular on the radio back in the day.

Set 1 (about 30 minutes, not very loud)

  1. Evil Woman
  2. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
  3. Strange Magic
  4. Rock ‘n’ Roll is King
  5. Can’t Get It Out of My Head”
  6. Do Ya
  7. Don’t Bring Me Down

Set 2 (33 minutes, more energy, louder in a good way)

  1. (instrumental that we couldn’t identify)
  2. Evil Woman
  3. Xanadu
  4. Ma ma ma Belle
  5. The 10538 Overture
  6. Telephone Line
  7. (“I want to be free I want to go home” we couldn’t identify this one either)
  8. Mr Blue Sky

Set 3 (35 minutes, even more energy, and quite a bit louder… of course, we were closer to the stage and the speakers!)

  1. Showdown
  2. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
  3. Showdown Blues
  4. Evil Woman
  5. Shine a Little Love
  6. Turn to Stone
  7. Do Ya
  8. Don’t Bring Me Down

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