Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2014 – Buttercup Cottage Lemon Scones

We were eager to have the lemon scones from the Buttercup Cottage – a couple of reasons, (1) the offerings from the Cottage last year were quite good and (2) the scent of these lemon scones accosted us every time we walked past, just begging our taste buds to enjoy them.

Lemon Scone #buttercupcottage #epcot #flowerandgardenfest 16MAR14-1When I saw photos from other bloggers and read reviews, I was expecting two biscuit sized scones (in other words, a generous portion) – you can see from the size of my thumbnail, these weren’t very large… maybe 3 inches in area? Also, the dabble of raspberry preserves (a little more than a teaspoon) and the tiny dollop of creme fraiche (maybe a teaspoon) –


  • maybe we just had a server who was feeling hurried or rushed OR
  • maybe he just doesn’t like his job very much OR
  • maybe his supervisor told him to stop being generous OR
  • maybe we just have crappy luck at food booths!

Lemon Scone #buttercupcottage #epcot #flowerandgardenfest 16MAR14-2Nick was disappointed because the lemon flavor didn’t measure up to the lemon scent. I thought it had a stronger biscuit texture than scone texture. The creme fraiche was more lemony than the scone itself and the berry preserves were “sugar gel sugar gel sugar”.

I think if we want lemon scones, I’m going to have to alter the cream scone recipe we found a while back and just make them myself… Or just wait until we return to England and get a proper scone with clotted cream… YUM.



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