Spice Road Table – Mussels Tagine “more spicy please”

This experience took place on March 15, 2014

Nabil (Big Nabil) was our server on this occasion. We had already had some olives & hummus and were still hungry… so it’s time to get the mussels again. Nabil knew that we like things spicy and so he suggested that we get them “more spicy”… we said “yes please!”

I ordered a glass of the Angora Beyaz (Turkey) – I didn’t think I’d like it based on the description in the menu, turned out to be quite nice. Nick ordered a glass of Martin Codax Albarino (Spain) – this was a bit smoother than the Angora Beyaz. However, the Angora Beyaz went well with the extra heat in the “more spicy” mussels, the sour grassiness of it balanced the chile heat quite well. Surprisingly, the sweeter Albarino also balanced well with the heat.

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 01

These mussels were loaded with thinly sliced garlic

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 02

the chile flake was much appreciated too

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 03

there was ample fresh chopped tomato in here…

And although you can’t see it in the photos, there was a nice bit of lemon chermoula in here too!

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 05

Sparkling, White, and Rose Wines at Spice Road Table

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 06

goodness gracious, these were so good…

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 07

I can remember the scents and the flavors just looking at these photos… Although it’s been a few months, I’d love to be eating some of these right now!

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 08

the mussels at Spice Road Table don’t tend to be very deeply colored – it must be the variety that they use…

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 09

Look at all that GARLICKY goodness!

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 10

empty shells, picked (or licked) clean

Mussels Tagine more spicy at #spiceroadtable #morocco #epcot 15MAR14 - 11

truly the sign of great mussels

There were 25 mussels in our dish. The broth was AMAZING. The flavors were a bit difficult to nail down and when we’ve gone back and ordered the mussels extra spicy, they’re different every time – not bad different, just different. My notes say that we suspected that these were spiced up with the fried garlic and chiles from the Spicy Garlic Shrimp. We had that nice Chile tingle while eating these, but it didn’t linger unnecessarily.

The Albarino wine became grassier as it warmed and the Angora Beyaz became less grassy.

When we were done eating, Nabil brought us moist napkins scented with orange blossom water to wipe our hands. Such a nice torch.

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