Eating fruit at the theme parks …

We’ve returned from our summer travels and as a result (of the weight that we gained!), it’s time for loads of walking plus fruit and healthy snacks while walking. Our thought was to walk around Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts, stopping when hungry for said fruit and healthy snacks.

Our first day started okay “fruit wise” – we were able to get fruit prepared/packaged by Disney World at Animal Kingdom. I will say that it isn’t cheap, but it was quality and tasty and fresh. Later, we went to Fort Wilderness to walk some more (did you know that it’s nigh near impossible to get in 10 miles at Animal Kingdom without going dotty from boredom or deciding to beat up a poor touristĀ for stupidity?)… We were hoping to find some hard boiled eggs – good sources of protein – we thought they’d be easy to find based on past experience at moderate resorts… None to be found. We ended up getting a pack of smoked turkey and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Our second day, we parked at Epcot and walked over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios; we weren’t hopeful of finding hard boiled eggs at Hollywood Studios but we thought we could get some fresh fruit pretty easily at Anaheim Produce (based on past experience)… We remembered (bad memories apparently) that they opened around 10:00. Nope. We ended up getting fruit cups at Fairfax Fare. We were expecting the Disney World fruit cups that we remember fondly… Wrong, these are prepackaged fruit cups. They aren’t that fresh (at least ours weren’t). We wouldn’t have whinged about paying the asking price ($3.79 I think) if the fruit had been quality and fresh.

Fruit from Fairfax Fare Disney Hollywood Studios 140810 - 1

fruit from Fairfax Fare

this was tolerable, but not really what we've come to expect from Disney World

this was tolerable, but not really what we’ve come to expect from Disney World

each of our fruit cups contained some fruit that was "past it"

each of our fruit cups contained some fruit that was “past it”

Again, our “beef” isn’t with the price. It’s that Disney World has done nice fresh fruit in the past (in the theme parks and in the resorts) and in the present (Animal Kingdom). Not only was this disappointing stuff at Fairfax Fare, it’s what they were offering at Anaheim Produce (when they finally opened after 11:00). Imagine my disgust when I realized a day later that the fruit cup at Liberty Inn (Epcot) was the same prepackaged stuff.

If Disney World can manage to prepare fresh fruit in a timely and healthy manner for the animals at Animal Kingdom and elsewhere at Disney World, why can’t they do the same for human animals across Disney World? Sigh, guess it’s just another sign of cost cutting or cost containment. As my nephew used to say when he was learning to talk “yucko barfo” (translation “I don’t like this and don’t want to eat it”).

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