Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2014 – The Smokehouse Beer Flight

The four beers in this flight proved to be better overall than the beer in the Florida Fresh flight.

Beer Flight The Smokehouse #epcot #flowerandgardenfest 2014 - 2

They are presented left to right, top to bottom…

  1. Magic Hat #9 (Magic Hat Brewing, South Burlington, VT) – we both thought that this “wasn’t bad”
  2. Maduro (Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, FL) – I particularly liked this one, it was dark and rich… Just like I like my black beers
  3. Fat Tire (New belgium Brewing Company, Ft Collins, CO) – we classified this as “okay”, this wasn’t the first time that we’ve had Fat Tire – the first time, we were in Seattle for a business conference, the conference hotel had quite a selection of microbrews and Fat Tire was offered on draft… needless to say, we drank a few of these in the week we were there
  4. Billy’s Chilies (Twisted Pine Brewing Company, Boulder, CO) – we were intrigued by this brew, we wanted to like this brew, we didn’t… it’s completely a novelty attraction; it tasted like habeneros or something and ended up in the trash can – we like spicy things, but this was just weird

In the end, we thought that the Magic Hat #9 paired best with both the Beef Brisket and the Pulled Pork offered at the Smokehouse (reviews on those items in the future).

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