Spice Road Table – Mixed Grill

This experience took place on March 13, 2014

We’re at Spice Road Table again, this time we have Amine as our server and we decided to try the last thing on the menu that we haven’t tasted… The Mixed Grill.

I ordered a glass of the Bodegas Zerran (a red wine from Spain) and Nick had a bottle of Mythos (Greece, 5% ABV, lager).

Mixed Grill #epcot #morocco #spiceroadtable - 1

We had tasted the Bodegas Zerran when we had the lamb brewat roll from the “Taste of Marrakesh” Outdoor Kitchen during the Flower and Garden Festival.

The nose was cabernet-like, I like the taste of it without food, it’s spicy with deep fruits and slight tannins. The food took longer than usual, Amine said that they had to make it from scratch because they hadn’t prepped for it yet… that’s fine. The Mythos (Mythology?) beer had an interesting label.

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The mixed grill is a small skewer of beef and a small skewer of chicken…

Mixed Grill #epcot #morocco #spiceroadtable - 3

smells delicious!

Mixed Grill #epcot #morocco #spiceroadtable - 4

portion size is small for the price ($12)

Mixed Grill #epcot #morocco #spiceroadtable - 5

the beef was tastier without the sauce (it was similar to pesto), pretty tender, moist and juicy (not bloody)

Mixed Grill #epcot #morocco #spiceroadtable - 6

the chicken had some cinnamon on it and the “pesto” did it no favors

The beer was a better pairing with the beef than the red wine.

The chicken was dry.

Overall, this is our least favorite (besides the omelet).

This dish would be good for someone afraid of spices. There isn’t much garlic or spice or anything “challenging” for timid eaters.

Nick thought it was more something he’d expect from the Morocco booth during the Food & Wine Festival or the Flower & Garden Festival. I thought it was a bit “eh” and not something I think I’d want to order again – just too boring!

Abdou stopped by to say “hello” and we got to talking about the wine… He said that the Bodegas Zerran is a blend of Pinot Noir and Cabernet, not as BIG as a Cab (according to Nick)… I kept a sip to compare with the Marques de Caceres Roja (next post about Spice Road Table, you’ll see what else we ordered!)


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