A different breakfast at the Wave

On a recent Sunday we were out and about at Walt Disney World taking photos of the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian and of the Gingerbread Tree at the Contemporary. We were a bit disappointed that these two displays were in place (in fact, there were Q&A sessions with the Pasty Chefs on Friday and Saturday before our visits), but there weren’t any other decorations up. Thus, we found ourselves with time for breakfast a bit earlier than we’d planned.

Nick asked me where I wanted to eat… and of course, I said “The Wave, let’s see if Ashley is working”… so off we went.

Ashley was indeed working, but was going to be leaving to go home as soon as she finished with her current table (we were able to speak with her briefly, long hours working meant she was simply tired). So, Eddy was our server; and although he wasn’t Ashley, he did a nice job of handling our needs.

Nick checked out the buffet (we usually get to The Wave around 10:00 or so and today it was around 9:00) – he said that it looked really good earlier in the morning and was tempted to go for the buffet – but decided not to today.

I decided to get something that wasn’t the scrambled egg (whites) with feta and tomato, and spinach, and grits [Nick went with our usual].

Nick's breakfast - less than a week later, Sandy joined him and had cheese and bacon on her grits (Harry went with the standard eggs feta tomatoes)

Nick’s breakfast

I ordered the egg white frittata – spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, cheddar cheese & chicken sausage & whole grain toast.

My breakfast

My breakfast

This proved to be tastier than I had hoped 🙂 Win! And the food came out HOT. Win again!

I liked the chicken sausage both it’s flavors and the texture (Nick didn’t care for it very much, I think he’d go for pork sausage instead). The onions were quite sweet. The mushrooms were big and meaty (there weren’t too many of them). The potatoes were your standard hash browns. The spinach was nice (BTW love how vegetables play such a prominent role in the food at The Wave),

Breakfast at the Wave Sunday Nov 17 2013 - 1

Another photo, without the multigrain toast

We both liked the multigrain toast (sunflower seed, whole wheat flour, flax seeds), it was the first time we’d had it – it was quite good and I’ll likely get it again.

UPDATE… We went back to the Wave a week or so later, and both ordered the same thing again. I still thought that the frittata was quite good, the chicken sausage loses some of it’s appeal if it cools (because you’re a slow eater like me), and the multigrain toast was VERY good (sunflower seed, flax seeds, and some other nuts & seeds).

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