First Cocktail at Shula’s Steakhouse in the Dolphin Resort

Do you remember that Joseph, one of our favorite servers from bluezoo, had moved over to Shula’s Steakhouse?

Well, we stopped in to see him recently, but he wasn’t serving that night, he was subbing in the bar.

Can you believe that we’ve NEVER been to the bar at Shula’s Steakhouse? So, of course, we had to go in and say Hi! and have a drink.

Nick ordered a Boulevardier and I ordered off the menu…

shula's steakhouse bar Nov152013 - 1

I had the First Down, quick description = it’s a very tasty sour martini

shula's steakhouse bar Nov152013 - 2

poor photo (sorry)… I’ll definitely have one of these again in the future & hopefully I’ll get a better photo


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