Mickey and Minnie’s Picnic

Immediately behind Spaceship Earth was one of if not the best topiary at the 2011 Epcot Flower and Garden festival. My photos will not do it justice. Delphiniums stand up taller than the surrounding flowers which encircle the crew and their picnic blanket. As I visited over the course of

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Donald and Daisy Topiary

Every year there are new topiaries at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. But I realize that it would be too huge (or maybe expensive) an undertaking to make all new topiaries. So sometimes an existing topiary is just slightly modified. For 2011 it appears to me that Donald and Daisy were slightly altered as

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2011 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Entrance Topiary

What is Disney doing? Did you see the topiary at the entrance to the festival this year? Do you remember a couple of years back how awesome the pirate ship with Peter Pan, Captain Hook, et al was? What about the one where the Fab 5 are at the beach – a theme which carried

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Disney’s Holiday D-Lights Tour Review – 2010

In addition to the Yuletide Fantasy Tour (backstage, review here), we went on the Holiday D-Lights Tour. This is a “new” tour, offered for the first time in 2009… as such, we weren’t at all sure of what would be happening or if we would enjoy it a little bit or a whole lot. We

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