Extra! Extra! Read All About It! – 2013.08.28 Hump Day!

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Since last Wednesday, we blogged about…

  • Our eager anticipation of the Food & Sake Pairing at Tokyo Dining at the Japan Pavilion during Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2013… We’ve done this event each of the last 3 years, and it has become a MUST-DO for us. The food is always interesting, and although there are somethings that we don’t particularly care for (we wouldn’t be likely to order them on our own) – others are really great…
Rack of lamb marinated in miso for three days... this was beyond fantastic with the sake

Rack of lamb marinated in miso for three days… this was beyond fantastic with the sake — served in 2012 at the Food & Sake Pairing

  • Our first Just4Kids sandwich in the #2013eateachsandwich challenge @earlofsandwich… The Pizza Sandwich. I really liked this one, I like the Earl’s marinara sauce, the mozzarella cheese has a nice flavor, and the toasting of it was brilliant. I liked it so much, that in recent weeks (you didn’t think I was eating one sandwich each week and reporting on them in real time did you? that’s what twitter is for (btw: we’re at @extrawdwmagic on twitter))… I’ve ordered it for breakfast with scrambled egg – double yum.
Interior view of Just4Kids Pizza Sandwich - see the lump of mozzarella?

Interior view of Just4Kids Pizza Sandwich – see the lump of mozzarella?

From around the ether…

  • Cap’n Jack’s at Downtown Disney closed permanently last week, to make way for a new pedestrian walkway for the new Disney Springs… FoxxFur over at passport2dreams.blogspot.com has written a really good essay about this dining spot and it’s history. We had guessed that it was an original to the area, the only one left in fact, and we were right. What we didn’t know is that it was still operated by DIS… If we’d known that, we would have been more likely to go over there and eat – this is a restaurant we’d never eaten at… It had been on our lists, but we were just never impressed enough to go in there and eat…
  • The Disney Parks Blog has a nice piece about changes coming to the food at the Germany Pavilion – both at Sommerfest and at the Biergarten. While Sommerfest is a cooler weather favorite of ours (and Walter too), we haven’t eaten at the Biergarten since our very first trip to Walt Disney World in 1990!
  • Your Highway in the Sky (yes, that’s a reference to the monorail) has an interesting take on advice for Food & Wine Festival first-timers, I can’t think of anyone that we know that would fall into that category except maybe K2 (and they’re all ready to come with us to the Food & Wine Classic at the Swan and Dolphin this year, yay!)
  • Sarah at EatingWDW is a self-proclaimed pizza snob (maybe we should introduce her to Harry?) so on a recent visit to Pizza Planet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, she opted for the antipasto salad… looks like a good choice! AND she beat me to the two new seasonal sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich… the Avocado BLT and the Pastrami Reuben 🙂
Sign for new seasonal specials at EOS 13.08.19

Sign for new seasonal specials at EOS 13.08.19

That’s all for today boys and girls… For more, check out our FlipBoard magazine for August 25, 2013

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