Riverside Resort 2012 Holiday Decorations

The Riverside Resort at Walt Disney World was never a favorite for me. I am not sure why. Technically, Disney lumps French Quarter and Riverside together, calling them Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter. The rooms are the same size and the staff can work at either “side”. As time has passed since we stayed at these resorts though, when we visit now I like the theming and feel of Riverside more and more. And during the holidays it has a charm and feel that reminds me of growing up in the south (as it should given it’s southern theme).

As you enter the lobby, unlike French Quarter, Riverside has one large signature Christmas tree.

The registration area at Riverside is very pretty. It does not need decorations to look nice but the swags do add that holiday feel you want when visiting a resort at this time of year.

Nora and I  have not visited Riverside in over a year. We were struck by the refreshened drapes, wall paper and fabrics in the lobby area. A couple of years ago, Riverside’s decor was looking tired and dated. This holiday season the lobby is very inviting.

Across the lobby, Fulton’s General Store has a much more rustic feel. So taking a few steps you go from upscale southern to the old poor south. Typical of the decorations around Fulton’s General Store is this Santa Claus.

Just like we saw at French Quarter, Riverside has a Christmas tree in their food court. But this tree is kind of shoved in a small opening to keep it “out of the way”and “unloved”. 🙂

Walking around Riverside and seeing the updated fabrics and wall paper made me want to visit here again. Before we do though, I’ll need to check the Yee-ha Bob schedule so we don’t get overwhelmed with all that noise. 😉



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