Guest Post – Dinner at Todd English’s bluezoo

Our friends from Savannah were here for the Thanksgiving holiday. During their visit we enjoyed dinner out every night which was so fun. For a while we have tried to find a night that we could enjoy Todd English’s bluezoo at Walt Disney World’s Dolphin resort together. Finally, on this visit, everything came together and seven of us enjoyed ourselves with the help of the fantastic bluezoo staff. I was delighted when I received an email from “Savannah” with the following guest review to share with our readers…


Wow!  Nick and Nora have knocked our socks off again!!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Nick and Nora introduced us to the restaurant” Blue Zoo” in the Dolphin hotel at the Swan and Dolphin Resort on Disney property.  They have been trying to get us there for about a year now and it always seemed like we ran out of time or steam during our visits since then.  Well, it was worth the wait!

Being a Todd English restaurant, you would expect it to be nice and didn’t disappoint.  The décor is very unique. The soft “blue” lighting and unusual copper fixtures are both calming and exciting at the same time.  I would have liked more time to spend in the bar just looking at the “fixtures and fittings”.   Overall, it has a very elegant feeling or maybe just a “grown-up” feeling for a place at Disney.  (I understand they even offer FREE babysitting and kid feeding services so Mom and Dad can have some ‘adult time’!!!)  Yet, it is by no means stuffy and you wouldn’t feel like you had to be dressed to the nines.

We had a group of 7 and it was nice to be seated at a large round table so we could all converse easily.  Chad, the manager, came over to greet us and chatted with Nick and Nora about recipes and some of his new food ideas.  While they chatted, the rest of us “Blue Zoo newbies” grabbed the (much talked about) cocktail menus.  This is not your run-of-the-mill cocktail menu and they all have some very classy names and wonderful ingredients.  It’s the first time I really have pondered so much over a drink menu.  When the drinks arrived I wanted to try every one of them.  YUM!

As for the tantalizing menu, I had a wonderful Mahi Mahi dish – done perfectly!  Everyone had great meals (I’m sure Nick and Nora can share some of their photos) with just a little glitch with the lamb dishes being cold.   However, that was quickly rectified.  Service was not top-notch that night according to our Hosts, but was still much better than many places I’ve been lately.  I will definitely want to go back.  (I think everyone wants a return visit!)

We wrapped up our experience with some cocktails, cognac and shared desserts.  AWESOME.

Thanks, Nick and Nora, for a great evening!

K. and K. – Savannah, GA


Yes, we all enjoyed ourselves. Nora and I were focused on our friends so we didn’t do our geeky food photo stuff. Nora did get three somewhat grainy photos of our dishes. The Chef’s Pasta is always a favorite for nora and I. The photos do not do it justice…


The third photo is of the infamous lamb (and this is a particularly bad photo).

Thanks to Savannah for writing a guest post! It is good to share experiences with friends. In fact it is one of the most important things in life. “Happiness is time spent with Good Friends.” Add good food and you can make “magical moments”.


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