Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2012 – Mexico, Norway, and China

Now, we’ll proceed around World Showcase, starting with Mexico.

This year, instead of the cocktiels seen in recent years, there are numerous displays of orchids…


Orchids have a short bloom-span


nora has never really liked orchids as corsages, but they’re lovely blooming “wild”


This display is located near the Cantina San Angel counter-service


The purple orchid is very vibrant!


These orchids were off the main walkway, they are more showy in terms of color and texture


Wonderful close-up

Next on our tour of World Showcase…

Norway! The gianormous troll is missing this year. It seems that the only “showy” display at Norway is atop the outdoor seating area for Kringla Bakeri og Cafe.


And the third country on today’s tour…

China. While these pandas are pretty impressive feats of topiary, they aren’t as amazing as the ones we saw in 2005 (of course, those weren’t really live plants, they were made of coconut husks).


Pandas outside of Nine Dragons Restaurant


2012 is the Year of the Dragon


The bromeliad dragon makes a reappearance (only this year he has flame colored plants coming from his mouth!)


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