Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2012 – Entrance and Future World

Our Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2012 posts are going to be “mostly photo posts” – we noted that the Flower & Garden Festival has decreased in recent years. Fewer topiaries, fewer events for Florida residents (weekends only now), general events are nearly non-existent, and fewer Flower Power concerts (weekends only now).

One of our goals during the Flower & Garden Festival was for Nick to test using Nora’s iPhone 4S … Keeping with the “simplify” and the “cut down on crap cluttering our lives” – we’re trying to see if the iPhone 4S camera will work for us as a primary camera. So far, so good, we’re really please with the photos 🙂

Before you go through the Epcot ticket turnstiles, you get a flavor of the theme for this year… Disney Animation (? well, at least that’s what nora thinks it is — she was wrong! the theme is “excitement is in bloom” – wtf?)


When you enter Epcot, you're greeted by the dancing mushrooms from Fantasia


The dancing mushrooms are in a few places before you go through the turnstiles, interestingly, they use various plant/flower combinations to create different looks/colors.

The courtyard in front of Spaceship Earth focuses on “Fantasia”…


Many of the elements of these topiaries are repurposed from past events or displays usually seen at other Walt Disney World parks - for instance, the dancing brooms are usually seen outside the Brown Derby at Disney's Hollywood Studios. (Note: they were clearly missing when we were at DHS a few days later)


Sorcerer Mickey looks fantastic with Spaceship Earth in the background.


White flowers simulate foam and the purple/blue flowers are "water"


Sorcerer Mickey alone... this topiary is still a crowd pleaser (well, at least it pleases us)


These beauties from Fantasia were seen on the backside of the globe in recent years

There is a large peacock on the backside of Spaceship Earth…


Nora remembers seeing a large peacock outside Epcot, near the WDW resort bus area, years ago (maybe 2005? 2006?)


Closer view of the peacock. At this point, feathery purple flowers give the overall body color

After you pass the Fountain, there is a Peter Pan display…



Variations of these topiaries have been on display during Flower and Garden Festival since (at least) 2007



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