Golf & Lunch

Nick arranged a 9:40 tee time for Oak Trail [1]; as it was just the two us, we were paired with another couple. Thankfully, they were closely matched to our skill level (little or none) and we all agreed to have fun and NOT keep score. The weather was lovely, our companions quite nice, and bugs were minimal. Nick had a better golf day that I did, losing a single ball (I lost 3 or so, about average for me – ha ha ha). It took us a little over 3 hours to play the nine holes. Great fun, but o-boy was I tired by the end of it.

We had decided before hand to head over to Osprey Ridge golf course [2] and have lunch at the Sand Trap in their clubhouse. I had heard that they had a Monte Cristo sandwich and since we’ve never managed to make it over there, I was really looking forward to it. No such luck – disappointment – it’s not on the menu any longer. The Sand Trap is pretty small by Disney World standards: 18 tables that seat 4 and 2 tables that seat 6. However, there’s a full bar & the staff was pleasant and helpful (even if the first Sam Adams Summer Ales they served us weren’t the 20 oz drafts shown on the menu). So, what did we eat? Rueben Sandwiches (rye for Nick and multigrain for me, allergy to rye)… they were very, very good. So good, that Nick said it was the best warm corned beef sandwich he’d had since we used to go to Side Street back in downtown Raleigh and get the 227. The corned beef was cooked perfectly, sliced very thin, and really juicy; it was topped with thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, and jarlsberg cheese – yum yum yum.

All in all – a very satisfying day.


[1] Oak Trail = the nine-hole golf course in the Magic Kingdom resort area, there are 2 18-hole courses served by the same clubhouse, Magnolia and Palm; located inside the same area as Shades of Green and across from the Polynesian Resort

[2] Osprey Ridge = the 18-hole golf course next to Fort Wilderness and very near Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter. There used to be two golf courses here, but Eagle Pines is no more as that land is now devoted to a new Four Seasons resort under construction (well maybe it’s under construction, hard to tell from the road)

recent find:

Walt Disney World: Golf at WDW

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