Morocco – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

We had hoped to try the shrimp roll at Morocco and as of today, we’ve had the shrimp roll once and the beef Kefta pocket twice (it was good the first time and worth repeating).

Morocco Booth 140924 - 1

Kefta Pocket – Ground Seasoned Beef in a Pita Pocket

So, after disappointing items from the Morocco booth in past years, why get this twice? The beef wasn’t overly greasy or oily (as it has been). The beef was well seasoned (before it seemed a bit bland). The slaw was really good and made a nice crunchy balance to the meat and pita.

Morocco Booth 140924 - 2

Spicy Shrimp Roll with Cilantro and Mint Sauce (I think it’s under the roll)

We love the spicy shrimp at Spice Road Table and were hoping that with “spicy” in the title that this would pack a little heat. Nope. Very uninspiring. Less flavorful than a shrimp egg roll from the strip mall. Not worth the calories.

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