Farm Fresh – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

Before our second Tequila Lunch, we decided to stop and get the bacon hash at Farm Fresh. Everyone all over the ‘net has been raving about how good it is… Should have known that with our luck, ours wasn’t that great.

Bacon Hash 141010 - 1

Nueske’s (r) Pepper Bacon Hash with Sweet Corn, Potatoes, Hollandaise and Pickled Jalapeños

Bacon Hash 141010 - 2

the flavors are good

the flavors are good and I can see how others are wowed by it… when it’s prepared properly… here’s how ours was prepared…

  • undercooked potatoes (downright crunchy)
  • undercooked onions (still crunchy too)
  • very little bacon
  • corn nearly nonexistent
Bacon Hash 141010 - 3

doesn’t that look yummy?

the hollandaise was a little like a cheese sauce (not as lemony as some hollandaise) – that was good

the pickled jalapeños were barely pickled and lent a nice freshness to the offering.

Probably worth giving another shot if time and calories permit.

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